The Indian Outdoor advertising industry saw a robust growth of 14% in 2014 and is expected to keep up the momentum in the next couple of years. Though the industry is growing at a steady pace but there are multiple challenges which bring down the overall efficiency of the OOH advertising. With growing alternate forms of media i.e. mobile and digital media it is very important that OOH industry revamps itself and braces the technology to prepare itself for a sound/booming future.

Challenges faced by Clients

Limited agency access.

Poor reach to rural areas

Poor visibility of availability status

Inaccurate knowledge about property

High turnaround time

Challenges faced by Media Agencies/Owners

Fragmented Market Place

Limited reach to client base

High Dependence on local clients

Poor yield because of multiple layers

Unsold inventory


BMS is an online marketplace for media and advertising industry focused towards bridging communication and trade barriers. Current way of AD space trading has several lacunae which not only make trading a complex exercise but also negatively impacts the value realization on money spent. BMS is built to bring clients and media owners on a single platform where they can interact and close a mutually benefiting deal. It’s an approach which can be seen as a bridge between current modus operandi and the futuristic way of media trading which will support real-time and effective decision making.

BMS is headquartered in Bangalore city of Karnataka state of India . It is centrally located and houses a large pool of technical talent. All the platform development related activities will be carried out from Bangalore whereas sales and marketing team will be spread out across the country to reach the clients and media oweners & agencies.